Meet Danielle Alex

Chef & World Traveler

Danielle Alex’s passion for food, people, and culture hearkens way back to her growing up in Seattle. Dancing for eight years in the Pacific Northwest Ballet sparked an interest in the arts, which organically led to her love for food and cultures, and stories involved in making food. Starting with helping her mother make dinner, or learning how to make biscuits with her grandmother, little Danielle loved being in the kitchen.

Still, it was not until high school that she clearly understood that her future and purpose were in the culinary arts. Something of a prodigy, Danielle was expected to have a career in science. However, “every job I had centered around food somehow, and I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle.” In light of this epiphany, she decided to apply and study at the Culinary Institute in New Hyde Park, New York. Before making that cross country move, the young Miss Alex embarked on a life-altering experience: a gap year in France!

After a graduating from high school early, Danielle spent one year with a host family in the French city of Lille, near Belgium. Proficient in languages from a very young age, it was a smooth transition. There, she attended Lycée Hotelier Notre Dame de la Providence in Orchies, France, and completed her first year of BEP pâtisseries, where she learned to make croissants, brioche, tarts and other French pastries.

After returning to the States, completing her degree in Culinary Arts Management from the CIA she moved to New York City where she had decided to work in the front of the house. While she learned about service, managing a dining room and the importance of good food and good service working together harmoniously, she was still catering and doing private chef work on the side.

Danielle then decided to return to France and school, and go for an MBA in international hospitality from ESSEC in Paris. During her two years of study, she worked in Vietnam and studied in Hong Kong, which intensified her love for different cultures. She headed back to New York after completing her post grad studies. She managed the much touted A Voce in Columbus circle while trying to get her business of the ground and was finally able to incorporate Danielle G. Alex LLC.

Danielle now devotes all of her time to her business. She loves traveling, learning new languages, trying new food and speaking to people about health, nutrition, travel, education and business.