Chef Danielle is the best of all worlds and my family truly loves her!

She is well versed in her culinary styles and is creative, talented, versatile and soulful. Her food truly makes us happy because of the kindness, time, love and care she puts into it.

My family is very diverse in our food restrictions and dietary needs and I promise, she is no less than wonder woman with how effortlessly she pulls it all together.

I love how Her food can take us any where! Be it India, Morocco, Down South, Mexico or Japan, Chef Danielle takes us on a journey of the senses.

We are so grateful for her beautiful spirit and fragrant foods that fill our kitchen and nourishes us; body and soul!

Alicia Keys
15 Time Grammy Winning Artist
Co-Founder Keep A Child Alive

Chef Danielle is an amazing chef. She cooked for our family for 3 years. I love her knowledge of food and how she is able to make healthy cooking taste so good.

La La Anthony
Actress and TV Personality (La La’s Full Court Life)

Chef Danielle Alex catered the most tasty, gratifying and delicious food to our party. The food was beautifully and elegantly presented. Everything from appetizer to dessert was delightful, well-prepared and well-seasoned. Her home-made ginger cocktail was exquisite. Needless to say it was a memorable event and my guests still raves about the food till this day.

Sharon Kon
Director/Producer SK Film Productions

Danielle Alex has spoken for our program every year and is always one of the favorite guest speakers. Her professionalism and expertise is something that we want to continuously model for our students. She has always been down to earth and accessible for Elevate. She is one of our greatest supporters and volunteers.

Kevin Singleton
Elevate New York, Founder and CEO

Chef Danielle is amazing at her craft. She is a strong leader with the desire to share her talents far and wide. Her passion of cooking isn't only to please the palate but to also share the importance of eating healthier and crossing cultural lines.

Alexcia L. Smith
Jüs Catering, Chef/Owner

I have never met someone so passionate about food as Danielle Alex. The first time I encountered Danielle's food, I knew there was something so much deeper in her work. It sounds cliché to say she makes everything with love, but that is the truest statement about it. Her food has heart and soul in every bite. I feel like a child again, giggling while I eat her food! Her joy in cooking is infectious. Furthermore, Danielle's heart for service, attention to detail, and creativity comes through in every event she cooks for. It isn't just about the food, but the experience people will have eating it in community. If you experience Danielle's food, it won't be something you will soon forget. I can still taste her homemade brown butter and sage raviolis to this day!

Kerri L. Hamm
Kerri Lynne Photography, Owner

I had the privilege of experiencing Danielle's food for 3 years. She was great at combining my dietary needs with great flavor. I appreciated the variety of dishes she cooked for me and my family. We truly enjoyed having her as a part of our every day!

Carmelo Anthony
Professional Basketball Player
2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

I had the great fortune of working with Danielle Alex on an informal but lovely Wedding Picnic. Her suggestions and flexibility while planning the menu were fantastic. She was a pleasure to work with, bringing calm and grace throughout the process. She listens to what the client wants and turns it into a delicious reality. The guests absolutely loved the food! I look forward to working with her again.

Dominique Bell
Wedding Planner
Big Juicy Events

Chef Danielle has been creating luscious, innovative, über-nutritious food for my family for two years. There are a few different needs in my daughter's household: a toddler, husband, brother and various other visiting family members and friends, and Chef Danielle prepares food for Holidays, Birthday parties, small, intimate dinners and daily meals for up to 8 people, both from the kitchen and out on the grill.

For me, I have successfully battled and won my fight with cancer and I can't praise Chef Danielle enough for her TLC. She shops for all the healing foods I need to fight the good fight and makes me a week's worth of food that supports my needs through all the therapies, has fed me and my caretakers, talking to me when I needed a caring person, made me fresh tea when that was all I could stomach. She even came in early one day to drive me to the hospital for one of my therapies, prayed with me as we sat in the car and sent me in with hope and strength. How does this speak for be culinary talents? Volumes, I believe. She takes pride in presenting the super foods, gluten free selections, and specific seafood, vegetables and soups I need with originality, and quality, and taste incomparable! I have a lot of people to thank for my healing, but I firmly believe that using the advise of my nutritionist - chef Daniele took the foods, spices and juices that were needed to give me the nutrition I needed and did it with style, grace and talent!!! Love me some Chef Danielle!

Terri Augello
Actress, mother, grandmother, Chef Danielle fan!

Yes Chef! Yes, yes, yes! Whether it be weekly meal prep, special event cuisine or post-workout protein needs, I am always impressed by the professionalism, creativity and whimsy with which Chef Danielle Alex presents her work. She is a treat and I'm not talking dessert. But if I were, her desserts are jamming too!

Andia Winslow
Professional Golfer, Certified Fitness Professional

I mentioned to Danielle that I was planning a fundraiser for A21, an organization that fights human trafficking, and she immediately vowed to help. I had no idea how professional and delicious her services would be! Danielle's presentation was specifically gauged to the event at hand. Easy to eat, no mess passed hors d'oeuvres that satisfied the gamut of special diets and tastes. Our guests at the private reception were wowed by the beautifully arranged array of fine food. They raved about the soup shots and were delighted by the deserts, complete with tiny silver spoons, enjoying every last bite. The food was an exceptional gesture, letting the galleries' patrons know exactly how special they are to us. It certainly helped solidify the event as a success! I will most certainly be hiring Danielle in the future and I recommend her to all.

Michael McManus
Artist/ Curator